A minimalist handmade game for mobile devices by Simon Ducroquet.

A one-touch control with precise physics to ride a unicycle throught 25 ingenious obstacles.

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Available now for iOS and Android for free!

Music by Isaac Varzim

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bamba facebook page link

bamba facebook page link








"It's safe to say that you won't have seen a mobile title like Bamba before."

Glen Fox from AppSpy

"Exactly the sort of ten minute blast that fits neatly into a quick-grab gaming session."

Harry Slater from PocketGamer

"Bamba impressed me with its challenging gameplay and creative obstacles, crafted around simply tapping the screen."

Christian Valentin from Indie Game Enthusiast

"A well-designed 3D game which offers a fresh new game for all those who would like to try a new brand game, different from most you've seen before."

Anna Grace from Appszoom.com

"If you're looking for something a little different and enjoy games that provide a challenge, you'll definitely want to give Simon Durcroquet's Bamba a go"

Adam Field from SlimGamer.com

bamba image game